Sheats Goldstein Residence - John Lautner

A Lot About Lautner

Alan Hess shares why the visionary architect should be celebrated today.

"Mid-century modern design is one of our biggest inspirations at McKean Studio. The colours, the shapes, and the playfulness. Taking cues from the architecture styles of Palm Springs and reimagining them as Mini Cities is the most fun we’ve ever had with real estate!"

Meet the 2017 Mod Squad

Modernism Week’s Mod Squad is a hand-picked group of inspiring designers, bloggers, creatives, and more, tasked…

Summer Meza, Julian & Desiree Goldklang, Heather Williams, Jen Pinkston, Casey Keasler, Olivia Lopez, Katie Thierjung, Kat Westerman, and Esther Lee were our roving eyes and ears around town during the second weekend of Modernism Week. Check out the #PSModSquad hashtag on Instagram to see some of their snaps!

The Mod Squad: Part Deux

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