Today at Modernism Week – 02.23.18

Happy Friday – or as we like to call it around here, Frey-day! From Albert Frey to Donald Wexler to E. Stewart Williams and more, we’ve got plenty of modernist events in store.


Join Beyond Balisage chef Daniel Villanueva and Thermador chefs John and Michaele for cooking demos at the Ferguson kitchen. Head to the CAMP theater to hear the secrets behind the Watergate, Millard Sheets’ architectural commissions ($10), and how architecture and its creative processes play in our daily lives ($10). Join us back for happy hour to hear all about adventurous design with Pulp Design Studios and Grace Home Furnishings. Book a free consultation with a Dunn-Edwards Paints color specialist. Check out the ALPOD portable living space, aka “tiny home” and learn about customizing this modular system to your innovate living space. Sign up to test drive an Alfa Romeo, where every ride results in a $20 donation to the Modernism Week scholarship fund.


Get tickets at CAMP for a Premier Double Decker Architectural Bus Tour ($95) and the Illuminated Modern Sunset Bus Tour ($50). Explore the Modernism Week Showcase Home – Moroccan Modern ($40), a one of a kind custom-built home from 1975 by architect Hal Lacy. Tickets also available at the door for Architecture in Service of the Sacred and Spiritual ($35) and Sunrise Lanai ($50).


Great talks and presentations today! Catch celebrated architectural films like “Ode to Concord,” “Frey: Part 1-The Architectural Envoy,” the Palm Springs film premiere of “Columbus,” and more. Click here to view the full schedule of films. Other great talks today include From Googie to Gehry ($12), Gregory Ain – The Most Dangerous Architect in America ($12), and Marilyn Friedman: Making America Modern ($25).


See extraordinary images of Donald Wexler’s remarkable body of important architectural feats at the Donald Wexler: An Architectural Legacy exhibition. Head to Walter S. White Exhibition: A Sojourn in the Desert to see drawings and photographs of White’s work in the desert.


Get the scoop on the upcoming events you don’t want to miss. 

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